High School Construction and Education

Start year: 

In partnership with the Marist Brothers, a religious order of teachers, MMEX undertook a major construction project beginning in 2004. Completed phases of the school are already in use. In 2009 a laboratory will be constructed in the new building. This is a self-sustaining boarding school, complete with vegetable gardens, fruit trees and animals. The program is not free: families provide what they can (a sack of corn or beans, a chicken or turkey or goat) and the students are expected to give service at the school, helping with the gardens and animals and general maintenance. The Brothers’ concern is not just with the passing on of academic knowledge, but with the development of the whole person and a desire to serve. One of the Marist brothers wrote of the importance of providing a school for the poorest people that “doesn’t reject nor exclude them, a school that effectively trains and develops them into the work world and life, so that later on society doesn’t exclude nor marginalize them.” The project was completed in 2008.
2004: $100,000 CDN
2005: $100,000 CDN
2006: $100,000 CDN
2007: Construction: $60,000 CDN; Bursaries: $8,000 CDN; Equipment: $13,210 CDN
2008: Construction: $103,279 CDN; Bursaries $11,250 CDN; Teacher support: $16,700 CDN
2009: Lab construction: $8,500 CDN; Bursaries: $13,500 CDN; Teacher support: $16,200 CDN