Rural Education Project

Start year: 
End year: 
Total budget: 
$29,005 CDN

Mission Mexico funds paid for a series of training meetings with teaching assistants so they would feel more confident and more supported in their role as teachers, and also provided a small compensation for the adult students as motivation (grocery chits, etc.). In 2005, Mission Mexico provided economic support for 4 teaching assistants, bursaries to students to go out of Cochoapa to study, funds for the purchase of didactic material, and funds for construction of a small classroom from wood. During this year, five of eighteen adult students finished high school and looked forward to continuing with a professional career. From 2006-2008, Mission Mexico funded six assessors, bursaries for five students, the purchase of study materials, and maintenance for the computer lab.
2004: $2,222 CDN
2005: $2,500 CDN
2006: $4,500 CDN
2007: $10,333 CDN
2008: $9,450 CDN